For 11 years, together with an interdisciplinary team, we created a series of Assement Center applications, for the evaluation of young professionals first and then operators and technical specialists from one of the leading metals production groups in the world.
The company has 70,000 employees and more than 20 factories in various parts of the world.  It evaluates approximately 5 000 professionals per year and only 20% enter the group.
An important part of the selection process is the Assement center, which consists of a group activity, in which those who enter must analyze and solve a problem in real time.
In this process, the competences of the candidates demonstrated during the process are evaluated.
The client’s human resources team, together with the Serious Game team, have created over the last 11 years, 3 designs for the different profiles, which were also redesigned thanks to an evolutionary process, based on the philosophy of the Plan Do Plan,  of Lsp.
 In these years we have learned a lot about the application of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAT methodology, in the framework of the selection of people.
We started with the idea of ​​bringing the 100 x 100 meetings to these processes, transforming them into collaborative processes against the competitive model of traditional case analysis.
During the various implementations we learned many things.
 We discovered that the implementations improved when we involved all the actors in the process from the beginning.
We learned that it was better to create an imperfect Workshop design, to try it out and improve it after a pilot test, than to wait for a Perfect design before testing it with real Candidates.
We understood that to make an open design, based on a solid structure, but with the possibility that the questions were modified by the facilitators, was better than having a unique and fixed design for all.
We encourage you to involve the people of the line in the game, in order to get to know the future collaborators, solving problems with them, in real time and the candidates live the experience of working together with their future employers.
Throughout these years, we have had many satisfactions, since the candidates, are surprised with the activity, feel that they can really be themselves during the asseement, that they do not have to compete against others, because everyone has their time  and their space to express themselves and they can not and do not need to lie or show anything because with the methodology of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, the meetings are democratic and allow everyone to share what they think and feel about the subject analyzed, without censorship, or being judged  by others or by the evaluator.