FACILITATOR community and support

When you enter the world of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY by undertaking the Association’s comprehensive facilitator training you will not be alone on your journey with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. You will become part of a global community of LSP practitioners that support and inspire each other. The main categories of inspiration, sharing and support are listed below.

To get access to this section you need to have completed the Association’s 4 – day Foundation Program.
You register for login by using the email address you provided to your trainer.
If your request for a password is rejected, please contact your trainer.
You will find their contact information under TRAINERS.

POst training support

On-line Resources and Experience Sharing
Once you have completed your training you will have access to the FACILITATOR COMMUNITY section on this site. Below you will find information about how to obtain your username and password. This section provides additional resources, experience exchange and information about upcoming community meetings. Upon completion of your training you will also be able register yourself on www.lspdirectory.com. Another knowledge information source available for you is www.lspresearch.org and the Association’s YouTube channel https://bit.ly/2T5COVq

Your Training Group
One goal of the 4 days of training is to build the foundation for the group to stay connected AFTER the training and form a network everyone can draw upon for feedback, support and inspiration. Most of these training group networks function extremely well and offer unique mutual support through for example mailing lists, Face-Book, Linked-in and WhatsApp.

Your trainer
In general the sooner you do a LSP workshop after completion of your training the more successful you will be. Therefore your training fee also includes feedback/input on your first workshop design.

Global and Regional Community Meetings
Every year the Association organize regional community meetings in Asia, Latin America and North America and a global meeting in Denmark. These are 2 – 3 day events, where facilitators share their work, experiences, and knowledge. At these meetings we also arrange foundation-training refresher courses. Information about these meetings is available in the Facilitator Community section of this site. For access – see below.

Post Foundation Training
The Association offers a number of 1 day programs that focus on how to apply LSP to a specific concept. Example is “Building Future Scenarios”, “Appreciative Inquiry”, “Talent Management.” Information about these programs is available in the Facilitator Community section of this site. For access – see below.

Newsletters/Mailing Lists
Your contact information will be added to our mailing once you are trained. Through this newsletter you will also be kept informed about community events and other relevant information pertaining to your LSP journey.



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