Laurence Sato

Laurence Sato was certified in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method under Robert Rasmussen in 2011 in Singapore and since then, he has used LSP extensively in personal empowerment, career development, organization development, and educational contexts. He qualified as a Trainer of Facilitators in 2022.

Earlier, Laurence worked at Sony Corporation, in charge of marketing and sales of broadcasting products to both domestic and foreign market. And then, at a recruiting agent, he supported HR personnel of various industries to hire talented new graduates.

Laurence received his Bachelor of Art in Foreign Language (English) in 1998 from Sophia University (Tokyo). He also exchanged to Auckland University in New Zealand.

Laurence delivers LSP trainings in partnership with Robert Rasmussen and Associates Japan. They have co-worked for offering trainings for many years. Also, Laurence, CEO of Life Break Through Japan Inc., delivers workshops and seminars about career development and “Philosophy of How to Work”, being certified as a Career Workshop Fermenter.

Laurence is passionate about building a safe place to everyone where people can foster confidence to express their own thought and feelings which is inevitable to breakthrough themselves and their lives.

Laurence lives in Kanagawa, Japan with his wife and their dog, Rica.

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