Jaime Andrés López García

Jaime Andrés began his path with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method in 2011 when he met two LSP® facilitators and a year later, Jaime was trained by Robert Rasmussen in Mexico; since then he has been using LSP® in different educational, counseling and business contexts. After a long journey, Jaime obtained his qualification as a Facilitator Trainer in 2022. He focuses on providing strategy and innovation workshops with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, working with different types of clients throughout LATAM.

In 2018 Jaime obtained a MSc. Degree in Human Talent Management and became professor of the Management Skills chair. Besides the passion Jaime feels for LSP®, he is also an international speaker, executive coach and theater actor.

In 2012, Jaime started a new project that runs until this days called Play and Build, where he is the CEO. Now, Play and Build is a company where people can find different methodologies in service of the companies, their strategy and their growth.

Jaime Andrés was born in Colombia, but 25 years ago he moved to Quito-Ecuador where he lives with his wife Pilar and his daughter Sofía.

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