By 2010 there was a small, but strongly committed community of LSP practitioners that believed in the method and had built their business around LSP. The LEGO Company did not want to deprive these practitioners of the opportunity to practice LSP; and Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and new CEO believed in the power of the method. Therefore, it was decided to make the use of the LSP name and the basic method possible for anyone interested under something called the LEGO Company’s Creative Commons License.


When Executive Discovery LLC was bought by the LEGO Company in 2004 Robert and Per left the company. Early in 2005, Per was re- hired by the LEGO Company to turn around the LSP activities. This work included continued development of the method and a new training program for facilitators. Robert became an independent LSP practitioner, in 2006 – 2007, he continued developing the LSP method, and in 2007 version 2.0 had taken form. Robert and Per also worked together on the development of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method in this period.

In 2008 Robert accepts a part-time position in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY business unit. His responsibilities are delivering facilitator trainings, supporting the partners and develop a common platform for sharing of workshop applications. Robert leaves this position by end of 2008.

The 2.0 version of LSP is what is described in the book “Building a Better Business Using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method” by Per and Robert (Wiley, 2014, New Jersey).


The opportunity to use the name and the method and content of version 1.0. The additional content and methodological elements of version 2.0 was not developed by either Executive Discovery or the LEGO Company any and therefore not for open use under the Creative Commons License. Those elements were originally the intellectual property of Robert Rasmussen, who later assigned them to the Association of Master Trainers.

Anyone can use LSP version 1.0 as part of their business offerings as long as they stay within the scope of the Creative Commons License, obey the LEGO Company’s trademark guidelines for LSP, and respect others IP and copyrights


Since 2010 their involvement is limited to produce and selling four brick sets developed specifically for use with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method. They distribute/sell these via They do not endorse any of the programs offered with the LSP method or the people offering these programs.

Since 2010 the LEGO Company has not been involved in the training of facilitators and there is no training program that is officially approved by the LEGO Company. The LEGO Company does recommends that facilitators participate in a facilitator training before starting to practice with the LSP method. 

Since there is no officially approved facilitator training program it can be a challenge to compare the different offers in the market place. Our advice is to check if a trainer authorized by the Association of Master Trainers offers the session. If that is the case you will get a training, documentation and on-going support that is a result of 14 years of experience training people in the use of the LSP method. And the content will cover all aspects of the LSP method as briefly described in “Building a Better Business Using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method” by Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen.


There are no LEGO Company officially appointed LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® master trainers or trainer of facilitators. Since 2010 there has been no LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Training Board or Advisory Boards and there are no LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® partners with a formal or special status or relationship with the LEGO Company. No group or individual facilitator has been endorsed by the LEGO Company.

Robert and Per are referred to as Master Trainers in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, not because they have been appointed by the LEGO Company, but because they historically developed the training programs and for a period of 10 years until 2010 ran the global facilitator training programs on behalf of the LEGO Company.

The title Master Trainer is not an officially protected title. In the Association we understand master trainers as the trainers who can train other trainers, but others may define it differently.

The historical facts are that in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY setup BEFORE 2010 in addition to Robert and Per very few people had been trained as Trainers of Facilitators. A few back in 2002 and 2005 as a pilot project, which never materialized. In 2010 Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Denise Meyerson were trained as Trainers of Facilitators. They were trained and supervised by Per and Robert. The plan was to complete their training in 2011 and for all four to form a Training Advisory Board, which would be advising LEGO, and the members of this board would all have an official title endorsed by LEGO. However, as described above nothing of this materialized, because LEGO changed the distribution. Therefore neither has any official LEGO status today.