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Global Community Meeting October 29 – 30, 2017 in Billund, Denmark

The meeting this year was attended by 170 facilitators representing 35 countries. A tremendous amount of knowledge sharing and networking taking place – all is a great spirit. Get at sense of this take a look at this LSP is like video.

Next year’s meeting will be October 7 – 9. Also in the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark.

Below you will find the list of presentations.

Fabrizio Farco: From community to community of Practice

Inga Coello: Experiences from coaching, surveys and team development

Therese Kless and Matthias Renner: First year journey with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY
Manfred della Schiava: Getting a new team working together – rapidly

Shin Yamamoto: How to start innovation and develop HR at the same time

Tatiana Gavrilova: Team as a metaphor: Exploring values in global organizations

Juha Ruuska: LSP as a research method

Jorge Caetano: When do we fail our workshops?

Rachele Soliera:Luigi…The King..Experiences with a disabled person

Rachele Soliera: Video

Luca Bruschi: IT department meets the business …..and all speak the same language

Massimo Canducci: Using LSP to modify company organization (9000 people)

Minna Pura: Measuring Feelings and Feedback

Minna Pura: Link to timelapse video_Pura_Feelings
Ligeng-Wang: LSP as technology of foolishness

Antonia Colasante & Simona Orlandi: Dialoguing with consumers through LSP

Natacha Morsa:
Coding and Brick Founder

Narudee Kristhanin/ Poom:
Handling Executive Clients

For more information about the presentation you can contact the facilitator directly.
You will the contact information in the Billund 2017 Participant List