Companies or teams face distinctly different changes  like: acquisitions, getting new processes, relocations, implement IT solutions, changes in leadership, etc.   

 Each impacts people and how they do their job, both could suffer from slow adoption and low utilization because are associated risks with people not becoming engaged or resisting to change.

A lack of awareness of the need to change can directly result in resistance to change. When an employee does not have a desire to change, they oftentimes resist any initiative.   Without reinforcements, employees will not sustain  changes and will revert to the old way of doing work.

Change could create fear and anxiety and resistance, these become emotional and physical reactions that block employees because in many cases they do not know the impact on their work, the change´s alignment with their personal or professional development. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method is a great vehicle to manage emotional and physical reactions during a change.

Part of my job is to design and implement change management strategies to define the approach needed to manage effectively engaging and overcoming resistance to change.    I have been experiencing during the last 8 years with  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and  found 3 steps that could help people to embrace, adopt and use the changes.

1.  Identifying what characterizes a change. In LSP words, “the client need”.

    • What is being changed (processes, systems, roles, job…)?
    • What is the time frame for the change?
    • How many people will be impacted?
    • Who is being impacted?
    • Does exist the possibility that they experience the change differently?

2.  Align the participants, considering those who will be directly impacted and their jobs will be completely modified.  For those people LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method helps to have an aligned understanding of:

    • A shared vision of the current state – What is not working now
    • A shared vision of the change – Benefits, improvements

 3.  Once they are aligned.  Is important to identify and classify  groups related to the change and where resistance could be expected to plan tactics to overcome it before it begins. 

With LSP is possible to play and learn how a change could impact more to those groups that resist it and design how to avoid it.    Once they understand them, they are able to build a  shared vision of the transition state – What is the perceived need for those who will be heavily impacted.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method helps to building solid bases for any change.