What’s your current situation?

How to share the future?

5++ take aways : 3D model building is simple, effective and fun. It levels the playing field (almost anyone can have an excellent conversation together, all it takes is a couple of good questions, a hand ful of lego and a (the) clear core process. 


  • In the limitation, the masterhood is shown (thanks Per for your clear, concise and strong metaphoric models)
  • Do less, and do it better, again thanks Per for you advise. (Doing a remote shared model ‘may’ work in a facilitator trained context – though in a business environment with people using LSP for the first time, (or at least not trained in the method), could open a ‘can of worms’ when if comes to trust and safety (there is huge potential for chaos). 
  • constructing (y)our more complex mental models and answering (y)our ‘inner inquirer’ – even when alone – can be very helpful, (i will work to build a 3D model over the coming days to see how effective it is for myself – as opposed to the glass windows i am currently using to sketch my mental models). 
  • Its possible to reframe a question – before answering it (i will try this more often in the coming time).