our 2 questions:

What is your current situation?
How to shape the future?


  • Our professional/financial lives – as individual – are uncertain; we both feel that we are at a cross-roads 
  • ‘the path’ sometimes feels more like a tight-rope than a bridge
  • neither of us – as individuals – want money to be our main driver 
  •  There’s always ‘a price to pay’, how to have empathy with that. Some flourish better than others. How can we support others and ourselves to grow,  in the current ‘struggle’ to survive? 
  • we both ask of ourselves how to act professionally, be inspired, create new value without cut and paste copying? 
  • (I very much appreciate Sara as a sparring partner) 
  • music can have a real impact on the participant/person (and Sara uses music REALLY well in her workshops!)

post – LSP conversation – about privacy and online (open forum) profiling actives …