During the global 2019 LSP conference in Billund, the idea was born to create a Global Dialogue on Climate Change with young people (could be across several age groups, but overall between 10-25 years) using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. The essence would be to run LSP sessions similar in set up in as many cities and countries around the world as possible. 


We aim to run them on or around Earth Day: April 22, 2020.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use this inclusive method to have young people with different opinions, beliefs and attitudes regarding Climate Change share their thoughts, listen to others and in the process build a better understanding of each other?


During January 2020 we are looking for as many of our community friends willing to join us and sign up. We aim high and hope to have a least one facilitator per country within our community.


Interested to join this pro bono initiative? Contact Rob (rob@canvasconcepting.nl) and Luca (lukkasbru@gmail.com) and we will send you a pdf with more detailed information!