Sometimes we, as LSP® facilitators, think that we have all the concepts within the methodology fully understood and appropriated, and probably it is like that; but when we dive a little bit deeper, we can undestand things diferently. One clear example is the 4 “Cs” concept; CONNECT, CONSTRUCT, CONTEMPLATE, CONTINUE. (for those who don´t remember check out the tutorial video https://seriousplay.training/the-science-underpinning-the-lsp-core-process/). In the last meeting in Billund, I had the oportumity to be working with the master trainers and this concept was very strong for me during our session, because I realized that if we understand, apply, and make a correct match between the 4″Cs” and the CORE PROCESS, not only are we going to succeed in our workshops (of course having done the F…amous Tower) but we are going to get to the C #5 -will tell you what is that later-.

It is so important to CONNECT (POSE THE QUESTION) with the participants, with their feelings, their inner thoughts, their mood, their attitude, the goal to achieve in the workshop and with the rest of the topics that are relevant and can drive them to the next step; that is why the question has to be so powerfull that connects them inside and invites and leads them to build – CONSTRUCT (BUILD). Once they have built with a purpose and connected, starts the SHARE AND REFLECTING moment that is not other thing than CONTEMPATE through asking questions, answering questions, how people reflect and learn from that. Then, comes the CONTINUE…to where? to the decision-taking, the doing, the clear understanding of their real situation, etc., that simply are going to take people to the next level both during and after the workshop.

So, as I told you above, if we apply the 4″Cs” in a correct way, we are going to get to the C# 5 that is not other than CONSISTENCY. Robert Rasmusen always talks about, consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency, and that means to be aligned to LSP®, be clear with the concepts and it´s philosophy, build the famous tower,  be responsibles with the delivery, keep things easy, don´t overstructure, be aware with the flow, respect the unity of the participants, etc. etc. etc;  and that’s what clients want from us and we as LSP® facilitators are meant to be, consistent and structured in order to be good embassadors of this wonder methodology that join us together: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

C + C + C + C = C