After 2 years of hybrid meetings we will get back to face-to-face meetings this year. We are planning for a Global Meeting in Denmark in October.

Where and When: Billund, Denmark, October 10 and 11 with optional activities on October 9. More information will be published in June www.seriousplay.training/facilitator-community.
Registration will open July 1.

What: On October 9th , The Association will offer free refresher sessions. These are typically sessions of 1,5 to 2 hours focusing on a topic from the Foundation Training. Which topics, exact time and which trainer will be posted. October 10-11th are the official Community Meetings days, where there will be presentations from facilitators, updates from the Association, a powerful open space session and long breaks with lots of networking.

A key goal for the gathering is to provide a platform, where facilitators can share their experiences, insights and best practices with the LEGO SERIOUS OPLAY method with fellow facilitators

If you have content you would believe could be of interest to share please submit a short written proposal to either Per or Robert outlining the topic and goal with the presentation. The deadline for submitting a proposal is September 1.

In the selection process we will this year give preference to presentations that are either about
– experiences with the Real Time Strategy concept

– assessing/measuring the impact of one or more LEGO SERIOUS PLAY interventions

– answering a HOW and WHY than only the HOW

If you are in doubt whether your topic would be considered appropriate please feel free to email us and check ahead of spending time writing the proposal.

Send emails to Per@seriousplay.training and Robert@seriousplay.training